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Schedule 2014

Eric Taylor has been making baskets since 1984 and has taught the art of basketry, nationally, for twenty years. He travels across the country teaching his designs at basket making conventions, guilds and private classes. He brings with him an array of tools and equipment for his workshops, including molds and materials. He has successfully taught beginners and prides himself in the completion of each student's baskets.

'After three or four weeks of working in the shop preparing materials, it’s great to travel to a new place and share my basketry with others' states Eric. His philosophy of teaching consists of treating everyone individually and not withholding any knowledge back. One student may be a perfectionist and preoccupied with the end-results, while another may be more interested in absorbing new skills being taught. These students don’t go into a workshop expecting to make the perfect basket on the first try, but what they do want, is to learn as much as they can from a qualified instructor. Eric aims to give his student as much information as possible during a workshop. He has taught students with no basketmaking experience to successfully complete a basket.

Most of the baskets shown in the gallery are currently being offered in workshops. One-, two- and three- day workshops are available. All baskets taught are original designs.

All materials and molds are produced by Eric at his woodworking studio in Middle Tennessee.

If you are interested in participating or sponsoring a workshop please inquire at eric@erictaylorbasketry.com

November 7-9
The Basket Cottage
Milton, Georgia
Contact: Suzanne Marvin at lakesidecottage@comcast.net

December 4-7
Saltbox Crafters
Suffield, Connecticut
Contact: Mary Jo Rushlow at saltbox.crafters@cox.net

Schedule 2015

January 3rd
The Basket Cases

Ocala, Florida
Contact: Anne Bulmer

February 2015
Georgia Basketry Association
Atlanta / Roswell, Georgia

April 2015
Stateline Friends
Weaving Retreat
Richmond, Indiana

March 2015
North Carolina Basket Assoc.
Durham, North Carolina
Phone: 252-792-401


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Workshops Offered
1 Day Workshops - (8-9hrs)
Cottage Carrier
Cottage Centerpiece
6” or 7” Mountain Tub
Cottage Dresser Tote
Cottage Mail
Presentation Tote

Cottage Napkin
Triple Diamond Breadstick
Cottage Cupboard
Cottage Fruit bowl
Bungalow Bowl
Bungalow Tote
Bungalow Tub

1 Day Workshops - (4 & 6hrs)
4” or 5” Mountain Tub
Cottage Pencil
Presentation Bowl
Cottage Desktop Keeper
Cottage Saucer

Cottage Bureau
Cottage Tea
Cottage Desk Tray
Cottage Small Desk Tray
Cottage Cruet

2 Day Workshops - (10 - 12hrs)
Cottage French Bread Basket
8” or 9” Mountain Tub
Towering Tote
Mountain Bread Basket

Cottage Tool Tote
Triple Diamond Wine Tote

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2- 3 Day Workshops
Lady Hermit Pack Basket
Smith River Creel
Shaker Apple